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A mom, a millennial, and an investor walk into a bar... 

Kidding.  But, it may as well have started this way.   Spoon Joy was born out of the combined effort to make desserts that are good for you but taste like they can't possibly be.  

We passionately believe that food is the greatest medicine we have, both for the body and for the soul. 

But, why are we doing this? Let us tell you why: 

  • 65% of all adults have a problem with processing dairy
  • Over 90% of American adults do not get enough fruits and veggies everyday
  • Processed foods make up close to 70% of our diet
  • The average American consumes over 130 lbs of sugar every year
  • Over 1/3 of our population is obese! 

We are working to disrupt one of the biggest and most powerful industries in the world:  Big Food. 

We take the best ingredients that we can find, keep it local whenever we can, and only make treats that you actually crave. 

We believe that by giving people a dairy-free option that isn't loaded with refined sugars, has a full serving of fruit in each pint, and tastes amazing, we can show people how easy it is to improve their health with food. 

Help us bring #spoonjoytotheworld!


 Lea Richards, CEO & Sweets Fanatic

Hi, I'm Lea.  Your HBIC at Spoon Joy and a serious sweets lover who's over 30 and has finally come to terms with eating healthier.  

Spoon Joy started after I got approached while running my other company, Pig of the Month BBQ (yes, I also run a BBQ company...)

My days are slammed -- I run POTM full-time, teach young entrepreneurs at the University of Dayton, and have been getting my private pilots license. 

But, when the idea for this product was pitched to me I couldn't not take it on.  I feel that strongly about our mission, and what we can do for you.  My mission is to empower people to feel better by eating things that are nourishing and kind to their body, while still satisfying to the mind. 

I'm not your typical health food company CEO; I'm not going to lecture you about a diet that consists only of broths and salads because none of it would be true.  I eat real foods and I have all the same cravings that you do.  In short, I'm a normal person. 

I approach health with a serious amount of balance and listening to my body with kindness.  Do I have a forbidden coke or cookie from time to time?  You bet I do.  But, I try and eat clean 80% of the time and satisfy my sweet tooth with healthy desserts that don't wreck my whole system the rest of the time. 


 Kelly Hick,  Chief of Staff

Hi, I'm Kelly, Spoon Joy Chief of Staff.  Since I'm the only staff, I'm not sure I am the chief of anything.  I do know, if there is a task, I'm on it!  You can find me working on marketing, web design, branding, R&D, sales, customer service, operations, or e-commerce.  You name it, I do what ever needs to be done to get this delicious frozen treat to your door.  It's been a joy to be a part of this journey with Lea & our investors and I'm excited to bring this quality product to market.  I hope you love it as much as we do.

I grew up in Cleveland, but have lived in Tucson, San Antonio & Chicago before returning back to Ohio.  

I live my passion by being a mom (to 3 teenage sons) and traveling whenever I can. My favorite things are yoga, tennis & hiking and I cherish time with family and friends.  

Feeling healthy and connecting with others about wellness is a part of my everyday life.  When I'm home you can usually find me in the kitchen or reading a book, and recently I've learned how to make a great Old Fashioned.  And of course, Spoon Joy is my go to dessert!

Here's one last fun fact, my dog Molly is my sidekick. Literally when I'm at home, she never leaves my side!

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