$9.95 nationwide shipping --yep, you read that right!


How do you ship? 

We pack our frozen treats in an insulated cooler with enough dry ice to keep the contents perfectly frozen. Dry ice is extremely cold (109.3°F) and stays frozen for up to 24 hours, so your treats should be safe until you put them in your freezer. 

Do I have to be there to sign for the package?

No signature required!  We authorize FedEx to leave all packages at the shipping destination without a signature. But don't worry, your treats are perfectly packed in dry ice so it'll be frozen when you get home.

What if my package gets delayed or is melted by the time I get home? 

Because your frozen treats are packed in dry ice, it should not melt.  Your package is shipped in dry ice so it should stay frozen for up to 24 hours.  In the unlikely event that is does melt, don't worry,  we'll send you a new shipment ASAP.

Can I call you to place an order? 

Sure, we'd love to hear your voice!  Call Monday - Friday 8am-3pm EST.  If you call after hours, leave a message and we'll get back with you the next business day.   614-977-0606

What's your customer service contact? 

We are here to help in any way!  We'd love to hear your feedback good or bad.  We're also always up for a good joke... 

Email us at hello@getspoonjoy.com or call 614-977-0606 during our normal business hours Monday - Friday 8am-3pm EST.

Can I schedule delivery for a later date?

You're the boss!  At checkout we'll let you know what day your frozen treats will be delivered.  If that date does not work for you, please pick a date that does.  We'll make it happen if we can!

What's your return/refund policy? 

Why would you want to return such a yummy treat?  Frankly, the why doesn't matter!  If you would like a refund, please contact us and we will return you the cost of the pints.

Are there any allergens in your products? 

Spoon Joy is dairy free, but we use delicious coconut cream in each of our pints.  Coconut is considered a tree nut and is a base ingredient in all our pints.  

Any nuts in the product? 

Coconut cream is considered a tree nut and is a base ingredient in all of our pints. Otherwise, please read the ingredients list of each pint.

What is the calorie count in each pint? 

Please refer to the NUTRITIONALS section for each pint.




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